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Project Mind Map by Mind Map: Project Mind Map

1. Math


1.1.1. One game teaches you about inequalities for 4th graders, it helps you decide wether a number is greater than or less than the other or equal to it


1.2.1. One game is like pac-man, but you eat the correct number ghost from the math problem they give you

2. Reading


2.1.1. one game you can make your own story by filling in the blanks


2.2.1. one game, you have to match the word that goes with the prefix or suffix you have on the ballon

3. Geography


3.1.1. states fall and you grab them and put them in the right place in the U.S


3.2.1. you can play a game where you have to spell the name of the state that is chosen or country. Or find their capitals for the status for the United States or other countries on different continents.

4. History


4.1.1. one game you go around lighting fireworks with independence music in the background. You get points for lighting the fireworks.


4.2.1. there is one where you go against other people and you have to know your history and answer correctly to be the best.