PhD: Investigating PV in trauma care using Action Research - Towards a new mental health practice

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PhD: Investigating PV in trauma care using Action Research - Towards a new mental health practice by Mind Map: PhD: Investigating PV in trauma care using Action Research - Towards a new mental health practice


1.1. Dominancy

1.2. Passivity


1.3.1. Geneaological model inseperable knowledge = power New node Madness & Civilisation Western phenomena - bound by cultural context 17C Great Confinement - locked away institutionalised 18C Obverse of Reason - loss of what makes 'them' human 19C mental illness - can be 'cured' continued confinement with moves to community Romanticism - Genius Deviancy - Pickering Wittgenstein - role of language

1.4. There is prob no history only biography 1830

2. Why?

2.1. Questioning as a MH Practitioner - defining role

2.1.1. Passion to be part of the Arts in Health movement Background in interdisciplinary research using arts

2.1.2. Both researcher & practitioner

2.2. 1. Identifying best practice / frameworks

2.3. 2. Ethical concerns

2.4. 3. Developing methodology

2.5. 4. Personal impact of being a worker / SU

2.5.1. Dichotomies/ contradictions Public/Private Insider/Outsider Objectivity/Subjectivity

3. MH Models


3.1.1. New node

3.2. 1. Pathology - medical model (mechanistic)

3.2.1. Verbal disempowerment?

3.2.2. deficit based languaging

3.2.3. PLATO - search for truth reason

3.2.4. Enlightenment - Newton

3.3. 2. Recovery - diagnosis/treatment - continuum

3.4. 3. Self help - definition of problem & response passed to those labeled / diagnosed.

4. Self - Concept

4.1. narrative

4.1.1. contribution of shared representations and public narrative to the personal experience of psychological distress Dualism - POSTSTRUCTURAL INTRODUCES MULTIPLE SELVES SOCIALLY FORMED - FRAGMENTARY

4.2. positioning

4.3. Existentialist

4.3.1. Poststructural New node

4.4. Labeling theory

4.5. Psychosomatic medicine

5. Methodology

5.1. Academically Legitamate

5.1.1. Interaction between social forces & personal narrative

5.1.2. Post Structuralism cant remove observer from knowledge acquisition process Trying to see without eyes

5.1.3. Critical Autobiography Jackson 1990 Britzman 1989 Pro-reflexivity stream in literature encourages students to examine own biographies critically Katherine Church Forbidden Narratives self disclosure Tony Dowmut - Whited Supulchre - anthropology in action

5.1.4. ACTION RESEARCH Move away from Intellectual "housekeeper" 'In your action is your knowing' Lather

6. Structure of study

6.1. Narrative and critical

6.2. Analysis of Postmodern approach to MH

6.3. Analysis of reality - language not defining but creating a reality

6.3.1. Problems inherent in recovery model, inherited languaging

6.4. Neuroplasticity as opposed to functional mapping

6.5. Reflexivity - Me as a case study

6.6. Commissioning speaking to those that follow mechanistic approach developing impact analysis recognisable to PCT NICE etc

7. Narrative therapy: social construction of preferred realities - Freedman & Combs

7.1. Shifting paradigms - systems to stories