Chapter 6

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Tests by Mind Map: Tests

1. Disarm The Tests

1.1. Grades give tests the POWER

1.1.1. Fear paralyzes

1.1.2. Remove Fear...Do BETTER

1.2. Tests are NOT...

1.2.1. Self Worth

1.2.2. Knowledge

1.2.3. Overall Intelligence

1.3. Tests ARE

1.3.1. Your score on a test...THAT'S IT!

2. High Costs of Cheating

2.1. Not just Failing...

2.1.1. Expelled

2.1.2. Course Failure

2.1.3. Permanent Transcripts

2.2. Stress

2.2.1. Fear of Getting Caught

2.2.2. Violate Values Physical Stress

2.3. Self Concept/Image

2.3.1. Not Smart Enough

2.3.2. Not Responsible Enough

2.4. Time & Money

2.4.1. Purchase an Education

2.4.2. Years of Schooling Master's Program Example

3. During Tests

3.1. Begining

3.1.1. Scratch Paper Key Points, Dates, Formulas

3.1.2. Pay Attention to Instructions

3.1.3. Tension? Breathe Accept It

3.2. Types of Questions

3.2.1. True / False Qualifiers Always/Never Details Slightly Altered = False Dates Numbers Facts

3.2.2. Multiple Choice Read All Possible First 2 Similar Answers Answer in HEAD FIRST Find closest to your answer Eliminate Incorrect First Narrow Down Choices Can't Eliminate, Probably Right

3.2.3. Computer Graded Tests ScanTron Stray Marks? Erase Thoroughly Answer to Question Corresponds Pay Attention to Time

3.2.4. Open-Book Usually Tougher STUDY! Organize Notes Bookmark Key Areas TOC Index Key Charts

3.2.5. Short Answer/Fill In The Blank Focus on Key Words Focus on Facts Be Brief with Response!

3.2.6. Essay Quick...QUICK Outline Key Words to Include Dates Might result in points Write Legibly Sloppy Difficult to Read Lower Score What is the Question? Answer the Question Don't expand TOO much No Fluff!!! One Side of Paper Marks through Hard to Read If Time, Review your Answer!

4. Test Anxiety

4.1. Yell STOP!

4.1.1. Inside Voice

4.1.2. Redirect your Thoughts

4.2. Breathe

4.2.1. Focus attention on breathing Panic Short & Shallow Controlled Longer & Deeper

4.3. Exercise Aerobically

4.3.1. Review Days Make Time to Exercise

4.4. Praise Yourself

4.4.1. Don't beat yourself up

4.4.2. I AM READY!

5. Math Tests

5.1. Course BACK 2 BACK

5.1.1. No breaks in courses

5.2. Avoid Short Semesters

5.2.1. Mini Sessions

5.2.2. Summer

5.3. Practice Problem Solving

5.3.1. Work LOTS of Problems

5.3.2. More Difficult...PRACTICE

5.3.3. Share Practice with Instructor Before Exhaustion

5.3.4. Time Yourself

5.4. Ask Questions

5.4.1. Need Clarification? ASK!

5.4.2. NO Dumb Questions No SUCH Thing!

5.4.3. Bring Them 2 Class You're NOT the only one with them

5.5. Participate FULLY!

5.5.1. Attend Class

5.5.2. Complete Homework

5.5.3. Active Involvement

5.5.4. Confused??? Ask Questions! Paying Customer Free Tutors Study Groups

5.6. Write Legibly

5.6.1. LOTS OF TESTS to Grade

5.6.2. Easy To Read

5.6.3. Circle Answers

5.6.4. Easy To Grade

6. Before Tests

6.1. Reviews

6.1.1. Daily Pre/Post Class Notes When you squeeze it In

6.1.2. Weekly 1 Hour Per Subject Mind Maps Flash Cards Lecture notes

6.1.3. Major 2 - 5 Hours Week before Exams Do in Bursts 1 Hour ... Break .... 1 Hour... Etc

6.2. Checklists

6.2.1. Ideas

6.2.2. Formulas

6.2.3. Definitions

6.2.4. Dates & Title on Lecture Notes

6.2.5. Not a Review Sheet

6.3. Flash Cards

6.3.1. 3 X 5 Cards Question One Side Answer Other Side

6.3.2. Free Minute to Review

7. After Tests

7.1. Not Done Until You Know the Answers

7.2. Reflection

7.2.1. What Studying Worked

7.2.2. What Didn't Work

7.3. Returned Test

7.3.1. Grading Errors?

7.3.2. Materials Instructor Used Text? Notes Lectures

7.3.3. Questions Missed Types Topics Feedback

7.4. Celebrate Mistakes!

7.4.1. Notice The Mistake Hiding wastes Energy Correcting Needs Energy Better Focus Point Own IT!

7.4.2. Valuable Feedback Part of The Learning Process

7.4.3. We're Taking Risks Evidence that we are TRYING! FEAR is Paralyzing Too scared to Try?

7.4.4. It's OK to Make Them We ALL Make Mistakes Don't Blame others Accept IT

7.4.5. Occur when we AIM for a GOAL! No Target, No Concern! Doing Nothing? We have a Plan Doing Something!

7.4.6. Commitment to Success Accountability = Respect! Commitment to Quality

7.4.7. Cuts it DOWN to SIZE Results Bigger than Mistake? Find out what the REAL mistake Was Commit to Fixing it!