POP New Strategy Components

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POP New Strategy Components by Mind Map: POP New Strategy Components

1. More Events

2. More far apart from each other

3. Private Launch idea

4. Temi più specifici

5. Maggiore interazione

6. Puntare sulla scarsità

7. Clack

8. Rubrica video giornaliera per MNM EN

9. Improve landing registration page

10. test with only email field

11. eliminate Question and Comments and replace with custom field - your site URL

12. Event without using G2W

13. Test using Procaster or Ustream and sharing screen

14. Ask Igor livelook

15. Drazen ask for automatic scripting to G2W registration

16. Direct Promotion through relevant MNM articles

16.1. Publish articles around recorded webinar content

17. Social Destination where to meet and respond to followers

17.1. Facebook

17.2. Socialcast