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Creating dream next job by Mind Map: Creating dream next job
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Creating dream next job

Check for Blocks

Negative thoughts

Negative feelings

Bodily tension

Low spirit

Dream Next Job Description

1 or more is fine

take a copy everywhere

send to connections

Visualising the Dream Next Job

Left-Right Brain technique

Active Realistic Practice



Hot Contacts

Warm Contacts

Cold Contacts

Target Organisations



Check for conections

Keep building relationship

Social Networks

awareness- track

decision- commit

consistency - streamline

strong presence - brand

Clear Legacy

Enough clarity on purpose

Activate connection to purpose


dynamic equilibrium -what is it now?

Friends-Family/Health/Money/Career/Personal Growth/Physical Environment/Fun+Leisure/Significant Other

Personal Organisation



Cult of Done

Need Redundancy

Doing it anyway

art of non-attachment

demonstrate leadership

Create momentum

If you have had the idea...