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FFAI Turing Test by Mind Map: FFAI Turing Test
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FFAI Turing Test

Loebner Prize

Basically, a Turing test.

Humans and chat bots.

2.5 minutes each for computer and human.

Transcript (2008)

2008 Loebner Results


unrestricted or restricted subject matter?

knowledge / background of the judges?

"Artificial Stupidity" - humans are often characterized by their limitations, not their abilities; simulating those is not a sign of intelligence.

is it relevant to AI research?

What is the motivation of the human subjects? Are they colluding to make the machine look better? Do they have secret signals?

basic setup

two agents both communicating via "text chat" (a teletype), one is a computer, the other one a human

judges can communicate with both agents and may ask questions

after some time communicating, they have to decide which of the agents is human and which is the computer


a test for weak AI

see whether machines can "act intelligently"

use a double blind paradigm with human judges

quite analogous to how we test medicines

proposed by Alan Turing (and others)

we want to build machines that are "intelligent", how can we tell whether we succeeded?