EN 354: Major American Writers

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EN 354: Major American Writers by Mind Map: EN 354: Major American Writers

1. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

2. Internet

2.1. Dickinson Electronic Archives

2.2. Library of Congress Digital Collections and Services

2.3. Edgar Allen Poe Digital Collection

2.4. Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture: A Multi-Media Archive

2.5. The Nineteenth Century in Print

3. Books

3.1. The Online Books Page Archives and Indexes

3.2. How to Create a Library Account

3.3. Schewe Library

3.3.1. Beneath the American Renaissance: the Subversive Imagination in the Age of Emerson and Melville- 810.9003 R462

3.3.2. Cambridge Companion's to Nineteenth-Century American Women's Writing--810.992 C178

3.4. How to Request and I-Share Book

3.5. Evaluating a Bibliographic Record

4. Journal Articles

4.1. MLA International Bibliography

4.2. JSTOR

4.2.1. Tutorial: Intrdouction to JSTOR

4.3. JURN

4.4. Database: America: History and Life

4.5. Tutorial: What is Peer Review?

4.6. What is an Academic Article?

5. Reference

5.1. Online Reference Resources

5.2. Schewe Reference Collection

5.2.1. Encyclopedia Americana- R 031 A512 2006

5.2.2. The Oxford Companion to American Literature- R 810.9 H325

5.2.3. American National Biography- R 920.073 A512g

5.2.4. Encyclopedia Britannica- R R 031 E56C

5.2.5. Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature- R 050 R286

5.2.6. A Glossary of Literary Terms- R 803 A159

5.3. Basic Reference Strategy