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Honesty by Mind Map: Honesty

1. Cheating

1.1. It's important to NOT cheat

1.1.1. If you do cheat, you know it's wrong Tell the teacher you cheated

2. "Neighbors"

2.1. Be honest with those around you

2.1.1. Don't lie to make yourself seem "better" Be yourself

3. Baseball

3.1. Many Players lie about using PED's

3.1.1. This leads to lawsuits, suspensions, and sometimes bans from MLB If players were honest about the usage of PEDs none of the problems would exist

3.2. Barry Bonds

3.2.1. Lied to the Supreme Court Suspension Fine

3.3. Mark McGuire

3.3.1. Lied about using PEDs Suspension Fine

3.4. Jose Canseco

3.4.1. The "Godfather" of PEDs Lied to Supreme Court Disgraced

3.5. Alex Rodriguez

3.5.1. Admitted to using PEDs Still plays baseball today

3.6. Manny Ramirez

3.6.1. Lied about using PEDs 50 game suspension One of the most beloved players "betrayed" baseball

4. Ghandi

4.1. Created a more peaceful world through Honesty