Planning a Story

Organize and structure your thoughts to write an essay

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Planning a Story by Mind Map: Planning a Story

1. 2. Research

1.1. Compile some ideas

1.2. Supporting sources

1.2.1. Use your books e.g. Geography for terrain etc.

1.2.2. Use relevant information only

2. 3. Structure

2.1. Decide on your topic focus

2.2. Remember your topic all the way through

2.3. Make sure your topic is covered in a way that makes sense in the story

3. 4. Write and Edit

3.1. Don't be afraid to edit. Simple, memorable information is hard and requires filtering.

3.2. The idea is to improve the story when you have the time to do so

4. Story Skeleton

4.1. This is how you plan and lay out your story

5. 5. Proofread & Finalize

5.1. Check for spelling mistakes and structure e.g. paragraphs etc.

5.2. Check for sense

5.3. Check for continuity, the story should flow

6. 1. Think about your topic

6.1. What will you enjoy writing about?

6.2. Why will someone who reads this be interested?