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Internet tools and their Applications for Teacher-librarians by Mind Map: Internet tools and their Applications for Teacher-librarians
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Internet tools and their Applications for Teacher-librarians

Lecture 3



Lecture 4

prepared by Stephanie FUNG Hiu-fai (S07FHF)

RSS Feeds

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Lecture 2: Web 2.0 (The YOU Era)

My Experience on Web 2.0 I had tried to use e-Bay and Yahoo to sell something I did not want for several times. Although e-Bay was free, I found out that Yahoo is more successful in helping me to sell out the price and also with higher price. Maybe it is because e-Bay is more common among foreigners while Yahoo is more popular among Hong Kong people. I had also tried to search infomration using Youtube, Wikipedia and flickr. I found all these were quite helpful searching tools. I could even search some interesting cartoons to watch for relaxation. On top of these, I once developed my blog on my lovely pets in Chinese, however, I found myself not very talkative on blogs and not many people visited my blog either. So I finally stopped writing on that blog. Generally, I think Web 2.0 is highly related to my life and I like using them. Do you have any comments to me?


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Lecture 5

Open Source

Lecture 1

Web 2.0 Paradigm

What is Web 2.0?