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Time & Money by Mind Map: Time & Money

1. Take Charge of Credit

1.1. Credit Cards!

1.1.1. Unpaid Balances... Spending MORE than you should!

1.1.2. Keep Track of Spending

1.1.3. Pay Off Each Month

1.1.4. Avoid Finance / Late Fees

1.1.5. Only 1 CARD! LOOK FOR... Low Interest Rates No Annual Fees

1.2. Manage Student Loans

1.2.1. Borrow Only Whats Needed! Don't Go Broke for the Education! Manage Debt is to Avoid Debt! IT's NOT FREE MONEY!

1.2.2. Target Graduation Date! Fewer Years = Lower Debt Interest Rates!

1.2.3. Switching Schools??? Consider Costs of ALL Options Housing Books Tuition Fees Financial Aid Packages

1.2.4. Types of Loans! Stafford Loans Fixed Rates Low Interest PELL Grants Don't Pay them back :) PLUS Loan No Limit in amount borrowed Parent borrow FULL educational amount Scholarships Awarded for Talents / Skills Things To KNOW When First Payment is DUE Can you WAIT to Repay? Consolidate your Loans

2. You Can Pay for School

2.1. LifeTime Investment!

2.1.1. No ONE Can take IT away!

2.1.2. Safe Investment!

2.1.3. Determine HOW MUCH you NEED...

2.2. Financial Aid Depends on Financial Need

2.2.1. What you have?

2.2.2. What you Need?

2.2.3. = Awarded Aid

2.3. Federal Resources

2.3.1. Scholarships

2.3.2. Grants

2.3.3. Loans

2.4. State Resources

2.4.1. Grants

2.4.2. Scholarships

2.5. School's Resources

2.5.1. Financial Aid

2.5.2. Scholarships

3. Get the MOST out of NOW

3.1. Study Boring/Difficult Subjects 1st

3.1.1. Get it out the way

3.1.2. You'll have energy to study the ones you want!

3.2. Best TIME of DAY

3.2.1. Work better during daylights hours?

3.2.2. Study When your at your peak!

3.3. Study 2 Hours for 1 Hour of Class

3.3.1. 3 Credit Course 3 Hours Face 2 Face 6 Hours of Study Time

3.4. Learn to SAY NO

3.4.1. People Want Your time...

3.4.2. It's not free...Keep It for yourself

3.5. Manage Interruptions

3.5.1. Others will misuse your time

3.5.2. Watch the REPEAT OFFENDERS

3.6. 1 Task towards Goal

3.6.1. Knock out a small task quickly

3.6.2. Builds momentum

3.6.3. Creates Satisfaction

3.7. Is This a Piano?

3.7.1. Perfection is NOT NEEDED!

3.7.2. Extra Time Worth It? 2 Hours 95% DONE 4 Hours 100% DONE

3.8. Important OR Urgent

3.8.1. Dealing with Limited Time! Fit In What is needed

3.9. Do I Really WANT TO?

3.9.1. Can you find 4 more hours a week? You will for what you WANT!

3.9.2. Remember the MONEY This is a LARGE Investment!

3.10. Promise Yourself

3.10.1. It may mean more with a promise

3.10.2. Write it DOWN! Now your WORD is on the LINE!

4. You've Got Time and Money

4.1. Time Management

4.1.1. Restriction and Control School Takes It Family Takes It

4.1.2. 168 Hours in a Week All have Same Amount

4.2. Money Management

4.2.1. #1 RULE! Don't Spend what you Don't Have

4.2.2. Logic Increase Income Decrease Spending or BOTH...

4.3. Either OR

4.3.1. TIME Not Enough Way I Want

4.3.2. MONEY Not Enough Way I Want

4.4. GOALS!

4.4.1. 2 IDEAS behind GOALS Know What You Want Written Goals! Know How to Get IT Direct Actions

5. Setting & Achieving Goals

5.1. General Stated Goals = CONFUSION!

5.2. Goal Writting

5.2.1. Observable Actions!

5.2.2. Measurable Results!

5.2.3. Example...

5.3. Time Frames...

5.3.1. Long Term GOALS 5+ Years

5.3.2. Mid Term GOALS 1 to 5 Years

5.3.3. Short Term GOALS Less than 1 Year

5.4. Categories to Consider

5.4.1. Education

5.4.2. Career

5.4.3. Finances

5.4.4. Health

5.4.5. Family Life

5.4.6. Social Life

6. ABC Daily to-do List

6.1. Brainstorm Tasks

6.1.1. All Tasks to complete TODAY

6.1.2. List them out Planning Folder Google Calendar 3X5 Cards

6.2. Estimate Time

6.2.1. How long to complete each! BE CAREFUL HERE!

6.2.2. Add up Unscheduled Hours

6.2.3. Compare the two

6.3. Rate each Priority Level

6.3.1. Each Task gets a Rating A = Urgent Schedule These tasks in your schedule B = Important Import and can be scheduled after A's C = When Time Permits Done randomly through out the day

6.4. Cross Off Tasks

6.4.1. Once completed...CROSS OFF! Index Cards - Throw Away when Done

6.4.2. C FEVER! Urge to Drop A's for C's??? This is PROCRASTINATION! Ask Yourself? Does This really need to be done now?.?. Return To A's!!!

6.5. Evaluate

6.5.1. End of Day A Priorities Gone? Same B's and C's?

6.5.2. Re Organize

7. Gearing UP!

7.1. Long Term Planner

7.1.1. Planning Folder

7.1.2. Google Calendar

7.1.3. Make Your Own!

7.2. Extend Dates into Future

7.2.1. Canceled Classes

7.2.2. Lab Sessions

7.2.3. Test Dates

7.3. Master Assignment List

7.3.1. Due Dates for ALL Courses and Assignments

7.3.2. Reality Check to Commitment

7.3.3. Demands on Time Make Accurate Plans

7.4. NonAcademic Events

7.4.1. Outside School Life as Well

7.4.2. See how Time Crosses Over from Responsibilities Birthdays Doctors Credit Card Bill Due Dates

7.5. Divide & Conquer

7.5.1. BIG Assignments Term Papers Major Presentations

7.5.2. Dues Dates before DUE DATES Milestones Outline Project Research Project First Draft Editing Final Copy