The journey that saved CURIOUS GEORGE BY: Kenya Cook 4a5b

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The journey that saved CURIOUS GEORGE BY: Kenya Cook 4a5b by Mind Map: The journey that saved CURIOUS GEORGE BY: Kenya Cook 4a5b

1. Personal Beliefs: Theme Bookmark

1.1. The idea of personal beliefs are in this book when the people say that just because they are Jewish or Muslim or even Christian, that doesn't affect how they live, or how they get along with others. They can all be friends if they try.

1.2. Margeret and Hans appear to have strong personal beliefs, because they weren't afraid of travel through all of the things that were going on.

1.3. I think that Margeret and Hans would fight for their freedom beliefs because they just seem like the strong type of people.

2. Important symbols

2.1. The bikes

2.1.1. The bikes represent all the people that were trying to escape from the war

2.2. "Le Journal"

2.2.1. Le Journal is the newspaper article that they used in Germany

2.3. Fifi's Adventure

2.3.1. Fifi's Adventure stood for the way that the people would have gone if theuy weren't captured.

2.4. The Monkeys

2.4.1. The monkeys were crossing over the girrafe as the people would cross over the bridge to freedom.

3. Key words or phrases

3.1. River Elbe

3.1.1. The River Elbe was the place where all the ships and ports would start.

3.2. World war 1

3.3. Battles

3.4. Tickets

3.5. Monkeys

4. My Thoughts And Reactions

4.1. I thought that this book was very beautiful, because of the way that it used so much figurative language. By the title, I thought that the book was going to be all about Curious George escaping the Holocaust. it turned out to be all about how George helped people through the Holocaust.

5. Character Bookmark

5.1. Margarete Waldstein shows honosty, because she was everyone's friend in life. She was very successful in her life.

5.2. Hans Reyersbach surprised me when he was in the war, because it said that he hated war.

5.3. I agree with Hans' decision because even if I didn't like war, I would still help out with it.

5.4. I think that the protagonist was the people that started the war, because they are realy bad people to do that to an innocent country.

6. Important quote

6.1. One important quote was when they said the soldiers arrived back in Paris on May 23. That is important because it just shows that it took the soldiers a very long time to do their task