e-Learning Trends Horizon Report 2009

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e-Learning Trends Horizon Report 2009 by Mind Map: e-Learning Trends  Horizon Report 2009

1. Key trends

1.1. Increasing globalisation in work, collaboration and communication

1.2. Collective intelligence & active participation

1.3. Affinity for games as learning tools

1.4. Visualisation tools & the need for visual literacy

1.5. Mobile phones as indispensable tools

2. Critical challenges

2.1. Need for formal instruction in information literacy, visual literacy & technological literacy

2.2. Students are different, but a lot of educational material (and assessment) is not

2.3. Leadership and innovation is required to keep pace with changes in research & scholarship

2.4. Use of data collection & mining to manage student assessment and learning

2.5. The growing expection on higher education to deliver content & services to mobile devices

3. within 4-5 years...

3.1. semantic-aware applications

3.2. smart objects

4. within 2-3 years...

4.1. the personal web

4.2. geo-everything

5. within the next year...

5.1. mobile learning

5.2. cloud computing

5.2.1. presentations & publishing content Google Docs SlideShare blogs Blogger Flickr YouTube Scribd

5.2.2. collaboration social networking Ning Google Sites writing & presentations Google Docs wikis

5.2.3. concept/mind mapping Freemind Gliffy CMap Tools MindMeister

5.2.4. screen/image capture Jing

5.2.5. social bookmarking & citation delicious CiteULike

5.2.6. information visualisation Many Eyes Wordle

5.2.7. @ UoA CourseBuilder Aropa PeerWise Google Gmail Docs

5.2.8. personal web pages & RSS iGoogle Pageflakes Google Reader