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Presentation tips by Mind Map: Presentation tips
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Presentation tips

Have fun! Laugh! Even when it goes wrong, laugh! You are modeling. Yes, things go wrong

Relevance: know your audience - look for a contextual focus

Do everything you can to ensure that when the participants leave the room, they will have something they can use tomorrow!

Be aware of your presentation style and focus on ways to address any of your 'quirks'

Have a structure to your presentation and a visual prompt of this to keep you on track.

Prepare good content, "audiences find it hard to forgive disorganised rambling."

Practise, practise, practise - it always runs more smoothly on the day if you have rehearsed

Try to 'mix it up' during a presentation rather than have the group listening to you the entire time.

Remember that there is often a lot of wisdom in the room so involve your audience