Conclusion on feedback about my idea and pitch.

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Conclusion on feedback about my idea and pitch. by Mind Map: Conclusion on feedback about my idea and pitch.

1. A lot of people said that they like the actors we casted for our trailer they said they were conventional. However they also said that what we dress them in will be key in achieving their stereotypical looks of nerds or being popular.

2. We got a mix reaction about the props we are going to use in the trailer. Some people said they are conventional and have the ability to be very comical. However some people said that they needed to be explained more. We chose these props because they are typical teenage items and also the lightsaber contrasts the typical items, meaning it could be very comical.

3. The settings we have chose for our trailer were said to be quiet good, the people who answered my wallwisher and survey monkey said that it is the best we could do with a limited budget. They said they look like typical teenagers house and therefore meaning it is relatable for the intended age group.

4. The actual outline/plot of our trailer was said to be very conventional for Teen Comedies, someone commented and said it is like 'American Pie meets Superbad' this meaning it is very conventional and therefore would appeal to the target audience.

5. The people who completed our feedback gave us valuable information on what is important in our trailer - they said that music is key in our trailer and we should include fast paced rock and dance music to show the audience that it is a teen comedy.

6. One of our questions in the survey was whether they liked the idea of Graduation. They gave us an overwhelming response and 100% said they like the idea, this means it is conventional and appeals to the target audience because they are 80% who answered the survey.

7. People said that they believe Graduation was the ability to be very comical and especially the lightsaber scene, however they also said that to fully be a teen comedy we need to include more crude humour.

8. We also got some suggestions on how to improve our trailer/idea. They said we need to include more actors because this would mean it shows the fast paced style of a High School. Also in the party scene they said their needs to be more people because this way it will look like a big party.

9. Overall, we got invaluable feedback on our idea and pitch, they said that they really liked the idea, the characters and settings. However they also gave us ideas on how to improve (crude humour/more actors) It was very worthwhile and good use of time when creating our product.

10. The people who responded seemed to really like the pitch and particularly the video, they said it was very informative on who was part of the project. They also said that it was very appealing to Universal Studios and to the audience. One person said 'They would like to see Universal involved' on our Survey.