Codes And Conventions of a Thriller

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Codes And Conventions of a Thriller by Mind Map: Codes And Conventions of a Thriller

1. The Use Of Props

1.1. Mirrors , Dark rooms ,Closets

1.2. Make some people in the audience feel a certain way while watching the movie

2. Rapid Cuts

2.1. Used to accenuate the feelings of tension associated with the audience

2.2. Used in the more important thrilling scenes

3. Forboding , Orchestral Music in the Background

3.1. This buids tension to the film making the audience believe something bad will happen

3.2. They are used to indicate an event that may or maynot occur.

4. Involve Characters that ...

4.1. may be assassins, psychotic individuals or prison inmates

4.2. Maybe spies, soldiers ,Convicts ,criminals and stalkers,

4.3. heroes who must thwart the plans of the more powerful and better-equipped villains. Hard men accustomed to danger:

5. They tend to Promote...

5.1. intense excitement, suspense

5.2. uncertainty, anxiety and nerve-wracking tension

5.3. a high level of anticipation and ultra-heightened expectation .

6. Iconography

6.1. This describes the things you expect to see within a thriller setting such as:

6.2. Tension building music ,Particular weapons e.g. Guns , cars Police uniforms ,Low key lighting (low level lighting) and Fast paced editing within action scenes .

6.3. As well as ...Emphasis on dialogue ,Claustrophobic worlds , Urban gritty settings

7. Sound

7.1. This also contains very important elements which make up a thriller. For example themes and stings are shown in this era, as the different music themes produce a different mood and feel for thriller films. For example jumpy and and quite scary music which are played in each scene, can be named as themes/stings as they produce different moods and settings for thriller films. Another sound element which is very important is high pitched sounds/orchestral stabs such as screeches.

8. Tension Release

8.1. Keeps the audience gripped and engaged

8.2. Supports the storyline and satisfies the audience

9. Montage Editing

9.1. Often used in a thrilling scene thats important

9.2. Puts the audience at a sense of unease and keeps them on edge

10. Low Key Lighting

10.1. Closely linked with shadows to emphasise an expression

10.2. Can be used to express a certain atmosphere or character as well as place

11. Specific Themes

11.1. Are ... Conspiracy Suspense , Assassination , Terrorism and Lone figure against the system

11.2. terrorism, political conspiracy , pursuit romantic triangles leading to murder. Psychological mind games

11.3. Supernatural events ,Crime ,Spies Chase or quest ,Enigmas and puzzles to be solved

12. Thriller Narratives

12.1. A genuine thriller is a film that relentlessly pursues a single-minded goal - to provide thrills and keep the audience cliff-hanging at the 'edge of their seats' as the plot builds towards a climax

12.2. The tension usually arises when the main character's is placed in a threatening situation or mystery, or an dangerous mission from which escape seems impossible.

12.3. Life itself is threatened, usually because the principal character is unsuspecting or unknowingly involved in a dangerous or potentially deadly situation .Plots of thrillers involve characters which come into conflict with each other or with outside forces

13. Camera shots / movement

13.1. Camera shots/movement; This contains one very important element – Camera Movement/Angles. This convention helps to give a film its thriller genre, as different camera angles create different senses of body language and emotions. Thriller films also use Camera Angles such as facial close up shots and mid – range shots.

14. Editing

14.1. The other important convention that makes up a thriller is Editing, this gives films things like quick cuts. These quick cuts can also be seen in films such a psycho, when the women in the shower is getting stabbed there is a lot of fast cut, as it shows different angles of her being stabbed.