To Kill a Mockingbird Group 1 - Period 3

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To Kill a Mockingbird Group 1 - Period 3 by Mind Map: To Kill a Mockingbird Group 1 - Period 3

1. an extremely small amount.

2. 1. No one had the temerity to question his conclusions.

3. Excessive confidence or boldness; audacity

4. They drove throught the perpetual fog.

5. Never ending or changing

6. entailments

6.1. Involve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence.

6.2. She entailed her purse for a crime

7. apoplectic

7.1. Overcome with anger; extremely indignant

7.2. After the fight, he was apoplectic.

8. prerogative

8.1. A right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class

8.2. Before the civil rights movement, African Americans didn't have the same prerogatives as other races.

9. chiffarobe

9.1. A dresser with drawers and room for hanging clothes

9.2. As she hung her clothes in the chiffarobe, she fell backwards into a bucket.

10. temerity

11. iota

11.1. an extremely small amount.

12. corroborative

13. perpetual