The Color of Water Period 1

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The Color of Water Period 1 by Mind Map: The Color of Water Period 1

1. fervor

1.1. excitement or ethusiastic

1.2. fervor

1.3. SENTENCE: His fervor was annoying.

2. synagogue

2.1. a Jewish house of worship (religious)

2.2. synagogue

2.3. SENTENCE: In downtown Stevens Point there is a synagogue where Jewish people use to worship in.

2.4. SENTENCE: When Ruth was young she use to go to the synagogue with her family.

3. mahogany

3.1. reddish brown color, a type of wood

3.2. mahogany

3.3. SENTENCE: That is Mahogany!

3.4. SENTENCE:This desk is made of Mahogany. but not just any mahogany, but mahogany from the planet Malchior 7, where the trees are 700 feet tall and breathe fire!

3.5. SENTENCE: I have a mahogany table in my billiards room.

4. yarmulke

4.1. A skullcap worn in public by Orthodox Jewish men or during prayer by other Jewish men

4.2. Yarmulke

4.3. SENTENCE: A older Jewish man was wearing a yarmulke

4.4. SENTECE:One of James's friend wore a yarmulke at his wedding.

4.5. SENTENCE: Jewish people wear yarmulkes while they are praying.

5. nubian

5.1. African American Culture

5.2. Picture

5.3. EXCERPT FROM BOOK : click on small arrow

6. candidness

6.1. adjective frank/outspoken, speaking straightforward

6.2. candidness

6.3. SENTENCE:I am not a candidness speaker.

7. spry

7.1. adjective: energetic, brisk

7.2. my last name

7.3. spry

7.4. SENTENCE: My brother is spry.

7.5. SENTENCE: I'm not spry for math.

8. kosher

8.1. certain foods that you can eat according to the dietary and ceremonial laws (Judaism)

8.2. synonym: proper or genuine

8.3. kosher

8.4. SENTENCE: Some will require that strictly kosher meals are ordered.

8.5. SENTENCE: Ruth had a kosher meal everyday.

9. dissipate

9.1. spend, consume or waste; to scatter; to disperse or deplete

9.2. dissipate

9.3. SENTENCE:People dissipate their money on things they don't need and then when they do need something they don't have any money.

9.4. SENTENCE:When the sun comes up the water dissipates from the grass.

9.5. SENTENCE:When you break glass, it dissipate.