Plan for AP Implementation

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Plan for AP Implementation by Mind Map: Plan for AP Implementation

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Student

1.2. Student's Family

1.3. Teachers

1.4. IEP Team

1.5. Clinitions

2. Steps

2.1. Referral for Assistive Technology

2.1.1. Education Data Collection

2.1.2. Medical Data Collection

2.1.3. Current AT Used

2.1.4. Background Information

2.2. Conducting AT Assessment

2.2.1. Direct Observation

2.2.2. Interviews

2.2.3. Formal Assessment

2.3. Individual Education Program Team

2.3.1. IEP Team makes Decisions IEP Team makes recommendations

2.3.2. Device Trials

2.4. Implementation of the Assistive Technology Device

2.4.1. Train Student

2.4.2. Monitor Student's Progress