Magazine Cover: MULAN

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Magazine Cover: MULAN by Mind Map: Magazine Cover: MULAN

1. Elements to include

1.1. Page numbers on SOME of them — not all

1.2. A quiz or two

1.3. Her name in big letter somewhere (bottom or top)

1.4. Make a soft coloured backdrop

1.5. Make the image of Mulan have a shadow and bedazzle the image

2. Images to include

2.1. Mushu

2.2. A pretty fan art of Mulan—one hopefully with her looking warrior like

2.3. The cricket

3. Slogans to make

3.1. Mention her cutting her hair with a sword

3.2. The whole dress as a boy thing

3.3. Mushu : don't forget about him

3.4. Her saving China

4. Colors and fonts

4.1. Title

4.1.1. Big

4.1.2. On the side opposed to the top (not sure if left or right yet)

4.1.3. A mid-evil/Chinese font (something older looking)

4.2. The slogans

4.2.1. Red - different shades (use colour wheel to look for different contrasting reds)

4.2.2. Make modern font with that Chinese feel (no Ariel/Modern)

4.2.3. Use different/contrasting fonts, make it around Mulan.