2020 Vision

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2020 Vision by Mind Map: 2020 Vision

1. Growth Strategies

1.1. Work

1.1.1. Perfect and apply DSIP Processes Become a Sales Supervisor

1.2. Business

1.2.1. Own a Mushroom Plantation Cover Major Markets in Bulacan Be a successful Entrepreneur in the Philippines

1.2.2. 4 Room Apartment

1.3. Personal

1.3.1. Reading Read Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes Read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas Read Interesting Japanese Light Novels

1.3.2. Language Learn how to Speak Japanese Learn how to speak Spanish

1.3.3. Games Finish all released Square Soft Games Create a simple RPG Game Submit and Share Online

1.3.4. Music Join/Form a Band Perform in Events/Gigs Compose Songs Perform Songs in the Band

1.3.5. Writing Write at least one Novel Submit Online Copyright Write at least ten short Stories Submit Online Copyright

1.3.6. Family Marry Have two children Own a Dog Akita Breed

2. Education/Skills

2.1. Education

2.1.1. Masteral Degree

2.1.2. Computer Programming

2.1.3. Take up Music Lessons

2.1.4. Take up Filming Lessons

2.1.5. Driver's License

2.2. Skills

2.2.1. Music Drums Violin Piano/Keyboard Saxophone

2.2.2. Physical Arnis Surfing Ai Kido

3. Financial Aspect

3.1. Savings

3.1.1. Must atleast have a 200,000 peso account in a bank

3.2. Cash In

3.2.1. Combined earnings from work and business must be above 30,000 pesos a month

4. Things To Have

4.1. Gadgets

4.1.1. Keyboard/Piano

4.1.2. Playstation 2 and 3

4.1.3. Personal Computer

4.1.4. Laptop Computer

4.1.5. Camera

4.1.6. Play Station Portable

4.1.7. Nintendo DS

4.2. Instruments

4.2.1. Electric Guitar

4.2.2. Bass Guitar

4.2.3. Saxophone

4.2.4. Drum Set

4.3. Property

4.3.1. House and Lot

4.3.2. Music Studio

4.3.3. Business Building/Compound

4.4. Travel

4.4.1. Bicycle (Set up)

4.4.2. Car

5. Places To Visit

5.1. LOCAL

5.1.1. Palawan

5.1.2. Boracay

5.1.3. Puerto Prinsesa

5.1.4. Bohol

5.1.5. Camarines Sur

5.1.6. Taal Lake


5.2.1. England Isles Of Scilly Canterbury Stonenenge York Dungeon Italy Tower of London Parliament Lake Lochness Brussels

5.2.2. Japan Tokyo Osaka Kyoto

5.2.3. Vatican City Churches Cathedrals