Balanced Reading Program

Jenna K
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Balanced Reading Program by Mind Map: Balanced Reading Program

1. 4 Reading Components

1.1. Read Aloud

1.1.1. The teachers reads aloud to the students.

1.2. Guided Reading

1.2.1. Students read books based on their reading level.

1.3. Independent Reading

1.3.1. Students can choose their own books and read on their own.

1.4. Shared Reading

1.4.1. The teacher and the student read a text together.

2. Student Materials

2.1. Student created word wall

2.2. Students will have a class dictionary where they add new words

2.3. Guided reading book appropriate to their reading level

2.4. Journal for personal and story writing

2.5. Co created work will be displayed around the classroom

3. Professional Materials

4. Physical Space

4.1. Specific Reading Corner

4.1.1. Set in a corner of the room. Children sit on a carpet and are surrounded by pillows

4.2. Classroom Library

4.2.1. Contains books in different genres, picture books, novels, picture books, magazines, books related to students cultures

4.3. Many examples of text. Eg. menus, phonebooks, signs, student work, printed directions, charts, word walls, co created prints, functional print

4.4. Walls are decorated with pictures, student work, an alphabet, posters etc.

4.5. A Smart board

5. Classroom Atomosphere

5.1. Opportunities to work independently, in small groups and as an entire class

5.2. Promotes a positive learning environment

5.3. Is made up of both independent and teacher directed activities

6. Time/Structure

6.1. Time is scheduled each day for a different reading based activity

6.2. Guided reading will occur most days as will independent reading

6.3. Daily schedule will be posted for students to follow along with