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Honesty by Mind Map: Honesty

1. to yourself

1.1. admit mistakes

1.2. correct mistakes

1.3. make better/smarter choices

2. to others

2.1. friends - honesty is important

2.2. "in the real world" - honesty is important

2.2.1. reality TV/ TV shows usually someone gets in trouble by doing something dishonest/wrong...not honest

3. school

3.1. core values

3.2. can help solve problems

3.3. can create problems

3.3.1. could lose trust in one another

4. morals/values

5. takes guts/courage

5.1. to admit your mistakes is always hard

5.2. to admit you don't know everything is hard

5.3. to admit your wrong

5.4. to hold back your word instead to blurting them out

6. brave

6.1. to be willing to be honest even when you may be inflicted by your own choices takes guts

7. Family

7.1. your family trusts you to be honest as much as possible

7.1.1. good values and trrustworthiness

8. allows people to trust you

8.1. make connections with other poeple