White Tiger

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White Tiger by Mind Map: White Tiger

1. facts

1.1. the white tiger is not an albino to the orange bengal tiger

1.2. If it was an albino it would not have any stripes and it would have pink eyes

2. Habbitat

2.1. You wouldn't usually find White tigers in the wild. You would find them in zoos.

2.2. The White tigers in the wild would usually be found In countries in Asia near China.

3. Action

4. Description

4.1. tigers can run up to about 35 miles an hour http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_average_height_of_a_white_tiger

4.2. the tiger weight is about 550 pounds

4.3. the average height of a white tiger is about 90-100 c.m

4.4. The white tiger is incredibly rare. You would mostly find the in zoos or nature reserve.

4.5. DRAFT FOR DESCRIPTION: The White Tiger is a beautiful animal. They are not albinos to the Orange Bengal Tiger. If they were they would not have any stripes and they would have pink eyes but they do have stripes and they have blue eyes. The tigers height is about 90-100 c.m and it's average weight is about 550 pounds. It would be very rare to find them in the wild. You would usually find them in nature reserves or in zoos.

5. Food Chain

5.1. The white tiger eats wild pig,cattle and deer

5.2. White tigers also eat small monkeys

5.3. White tigers are carnivores which means that they only eat meat

5.4. Some tigers will also eat birds

6. Adaptions

6.1. White tigers have strong jaws to hunt and protect themselves

6.2. They have a very good sense of smell

6.3. They can see very well too

6.4. The white tiger is also very good at swimming, they have to because they sometimes have to catch their prey in the water.

6.5. white tigers have a difficulty when its comes to climbing trees but they're claws help them to climb trees

6.6. http://www.lairweb.org.nz/tiger/tree.h

7. Threats

7.1. The disadvantage of being a White tiger is that you won't have that good camouflage

7.2. Most new born white tigers will be killed by predators by the lack of camouflage