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Skills and Mindsets by Mind Map: Skills and Mindsets
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Skills and Mindsets

Learning & Innovation


Love of Learning

Creativity and Innovation

Problem Finding

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Communication and Collaboration

Life & Career

Flexibility and Adaptability

Social and Cross Cultural

Productivity and Accountability

Leadership and Responsibility


Think for Oneself

Consider Consequences

Contributing to Society


Information, Media, & Technology

Digital Citizenry

Pursuing Knowledge

Sharing and Presenting Ideas and Information

Based on the Framework for 21st Century Learning from

Interdisciplinary Themes

Global Awareness





These skills and mindsets will be used as labels in your reflective blog posts.

Are you ready to thrive as you create your future and find your place in the world?

Locate a skill and click on "+" to learn more. Click and drag to navigate the mind map.

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