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Helmet APP by Mind Map: Helmet APP

1. social traffic

1.1. facebook

1.2. youtube

1.3. pinterest

1.4. twitter

1.5. forsquare

2. goals

2.1. main goal

2.1.1. become an authority in niche

2.1.2. build a community

2.2. 1 month goal

2.3. 3 month goal

2.4. 6 month goal

2.5. 1 year goal

3. strategy

3.1. we go for social media traffic, cause the targeted audience is there all day, we work with blog funneling using low hanging kwrds

4. infrastructure to set

4.1. facebook welcome fanpage

4.1.1. video owner greets new visitors that land for the first time 1-2 min

4.1.2. like gating, visitor must share to gain goodie ie:= discount

4.2. wp blog

4.2.1. email optin form at sidebar pops up at exit newsletter free pdf guide on the niche topic, benefits, etc

4.3. store

4.3.1. add yt video near the product

4.3.2. add fb comment module

4.3.3. for easier registration add fb connect and twitter connect

4.3.4. expose phone contact in the header

4.3.5. add mobile payment processor

4.3.6. online support help

5. organic traffic

5.1. traffic will follow after we show weekly persistency to google, ocassionally we ll fire some backlinks

5.2. low hanging kwrds

5.3. post at least two seo optimised articles / week, the more the better

6. principals

6.1. honesty

6.2. communication

6.3. reciprocity

6.4. provide value to the marketplace

7. activity

7.1. from bus owner

7.1.1. 2 yt videos on products, 1-2 min long wednesday saturday

7.2. facebook

7.2.1. one daily post on the niche topic, discussion afterwards, communication with your fans interesting insight medical discovery funny using all avaliable holiday dates special offer

7.2.2. viral apps group buying fb store special deals for fans welcome tab user who posts testimonial on the product gets further discount for his next purchase

8. pricing for structure set up

9. process

9.1. infrastructure

9.2. onsite activity

9.3. fb ads

9.4. optimize the process

9.5. repeat