Project Initiation - Mind Map Version 3

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Project Initiation - Mind Map Version 3 by Mind Map: Project Initiation - Mind Map Version 3

1. Possible Project Ideas

1.1. Create system to centralise Advice/Training requests on IT Systems

1.1.1. Not feasible - not a desired direction within the university

1.2. Create system to handle IT account requests for Staff

1.2.1. Project already under development through central development team

1.3. Create system to handle IT account requests for Role Accounts

1.4. Create System to handle IT Account requests for Society Account

1.5. Create system to analyse demand for and use of Services added to IT accounts

1.5.1. The resulting information from this project does not add value (financially nor resources)

2. Research

2.1. Interviews with Staff

2.1.1. Project Client To investigate and analyse the current system/process To establish system objectives and requirements

2.1.2. Service Process To investigate capabilities and functionality of ServiceCenter and current Autoforms that are in use

2.1.3. Infrastructure Team Leader To understand CAMA, Active Directory and Secure Shell Client used for creating IT accounts

2.1.4. Learning Technologies Explore potential opportunities for creating Mobile App from end project

2.1.5. Corporate Web Development Web Design

2.2. Questionnaires

2.3. Client's IT strategy

2.3.1. Investigate Design Tools currently used and those that could be used Visual Studio Dreamweaver

2.3.2. Investigate Web Programming Platforms currently used and those that could be used ASP Asp.Net CFM CGI PHP JSP

2.3.3. Integration with current systems Consider the future of the systems that project will integrate with. Will a change in their systems force the project into retirement

2.3.4. Configuration Management Local Work Instruction Documents User Guides formatted in line with Service Desk's strategy to becoming accredited by Service Desk Institution Solution Documentation Infrastructure Security

2.3.5. Support after Deployment On-Going Operating Costs

2.3.6. Hardware/Software Availability Client Operating Systems Web Browser Restrictions Server Operating Systems Licensing Implications

2.3.7. Change Management Release Schedule System Dependencies Communication

2.3.8. Access considerations (login ID and Password)

2.4. Project Methodology to be used

2.5. Gantt Chart

3. Current IT Systems

3.1. SAP

3.1.1. Postgraduate Applicant Portal

3.1.2. Student Self Service Portal (S3P)

3.1.3. My WorkPlace Portal Online Expenses (e-Expenses) Selector portal Agent portal Business Warehouse Reports

3.1.4. Financial Management

3.1.5. Purchasing and Sales

3.1.6. HR and Payroll

3.1.7. Employee Expenses

3.1.8. Business Planning and Reporting

3.2. Student Lifecycle Management

3.3. Module Outline Forms (MOFs)

3.4. Student Attendance, Progress and Results System (NESS)

3.5. Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard)

3.6. IT Accounts (CAMA)

3.7. Email Exchange (AD - Active Directory)

3.8. Access Database (Smartcards)

3.9. MyImpact and MyProjects

4. Types of IT Account and Frequency and Method of Creation

4.1. Student

4.1.1. Bulk createion during Admissions Period (September intake / January intake). ELECTRONICALLY

4.2. Staff

4.2.1. Full/Part Time Employees Throughout the year upon recruitment of new staff. PAPER-BASED Systems Architechture and the Development Team are underway with the project to enable creation of Staff (Full/Part Time) IT Accounts ELECTRONICALLY

4.2.2. Blackboard Only User Ad-Hoc, not-frequent. PAPER-BASED

4.2.3. Consultants Ad-Hoc, not-frequent. PAPER-BASED

4.2.4. Honorary Staff Ad-Hoc, not-frequent. PAPER-BASED

4.2.5. Temporary from Agencies Ad-Hoc, not-frequent. PAPER-BASED

4.2.6. Guest Members (Visitors) Ad-Hoc, not-frequent. PAPER-BASED

4.3. Role Account

4.3.1. School Account Throughout the year upon frequent request. PAPER-BASED Frequent Account Requests. Could this process be made ELECTRONIC?

4.3.2. Service Account Throughout the year upon frequent request. PAPER-BASED

4.4. Society Account

4.4.1. Union Society Student During November (low demand) PAPER-BASED Annual Requirement but Low Demand. Is there any value to making this process ELECTRONIC also?

4.4.2. School Sponsored Society During November (low demand) PAPER-BASED

4.5. Conference Guest Speaker/Delegate

4.5.1. Ad-hoc during term time, not frequent. ELECTRONICALLY

4.6. Wireless Access Only

4.6.1. Ad-hoc during term time, not frequent. ELECTRONICALLY

4.7. Temporary/Windows Access Only

4.7.1. Ad-hoc during term time, not frequent. ELECTRONICALLY

5. IT Services that can be added to IT Accounts

5.1. Email

5.1.1. Outlook Web Application (OWA)

5.1.2. Microsoft Exchange (Office 365)

5.2. UNIX

5.3. Blackboard

5.4. SAP Access

5.4.1. Authorisation and Training Essential

5.5. Filestore

5.5.1. Home Folder

5.5.2. Home Archive

5.5.3. Shared Filestore

5.5.4. UNIX Home Folder

5.5.5. Research Data Warehouse

6. Project Idea: Convert the Role Account Registration process from paper-based to electronic

6.1. System Analysis

6.1.1. Functional Requirements

6.1.2. Non-Functional Requirements

6.2. Design

6.2.1. Boundaries

6.2.2. Human Computer Interaction Considerations

6.2.3. System Design Explore using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to allow for other systems to interact with project deliverable system

6.3. Development

6.3.1. Tools

6.3.2. Resources

6.3.3. Implementation

6.3.4. Test Plans

6.4. Evaluation

6.4.1. Critical Reflection using Professional Honesty

6.4.2. Progress against plan

6.4.3. Client contact and evaluation

6.5. Presentation

6.5.1. Professional Standard

6.6. Documentation

6.6.1. User Guide

6.7. Future of the Project

6.7.1. If the university change their systems will it make the project

7. Initial Investigation of process to identify if the Project Idea is feasible

7.1. Interview with potential project client: Lisa Robson, to obtain high level overview of current process

7.2. Identify the demand for registration of various account types

7.2.1. From May 2012 - October 2012 an average of 21 Role Accounts were requested

7.2.2. From May 2012 - October 2012 an average of 4 Society Accounts were requested

7.3. Consider the value that can be added if this process/system were made electronic

7.3.1. Create Process flow diagrams Investigate the time and resources needed for each part of the process Calculate potential financial and resource savings