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IdeaOverflow by Mind Map: IdeaOverflow
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IdeaOverflow Based on and Started by

EEG-based Slumping Detector

Slump-o-meter -- webcam (or other device!) based posture detector that tells you to go to sleep when the height of your head decreases too much during a session at the PC

Pitch-based scrolling

#person Aaron Iba

#person Janet Baker

GrabLunchWith app - you press a button and it suggests where you should have lunch -- tries to recommend friends to go to same place so they meet

Notecard sharing tool

Handwriting match online either within your own sample or between you and famous person, parallel to




if baby, cry


Google group-like software with key improvement: lets you filter by criteria: e.g. hacksphere>sandiego

Suggestions for MindMeister

Workflow sharing

if baby, cry

FoodMom app - suggests what to cook, auto orders ingredients, suggests who you should cook with

WhatdoIwant to eat? Go thru binary search to find what you want to eat

Danny Weitzner

Social Ridesharing app Gestalt Processing Pathway

Human Gestalt Processing Pathway

Feel disquiet, else name source of disquiet because when you name things you gain power over them, Want/need to get somewhere on a regular basis, Eat, HaveFood, GetFood, 1. DecideWhatFood, From memory, Ask mom, Use App that suggests food, FoodMom!, 2. ObtainFood, Cook Food, 1. ObtainIngred, Go to store, Order manually online, Use app to auto-order them, FoodMom!, 2. Prep/Cook Ingredients, Carpool, Find people to carpool with, Have people who take same route, Find unsketchy people who take same route, Other kids at your school, Coworkers, People who work nearby, Make random connections, Use app that tracks your GPS, Drive self, Take public transit, Walk, Bike, Hitchhike, Chauffeur, Uber cab service, Desire to be with cool people, Spend time with cool people/do things, 1. Become in presence of cool people, HaveCoolPeople, GetCoolPeople, FindCoolPeople, Use app, FoodMom!, PeopleMatching Software, Instaquote, Gmail keyword scraping, MusicMatch, IdeaOverflow corpus, Stereotyping successful friendship patterns paradigm, 2. Do Activities, Work on stuff, Sports, Cook Food

Voice Recog Quick Install

Less Laggy Dragon #dragon

SpeechChat/Txting -- chat program that uses speech recognition/screenwriter to make it so that you can text/chat without ever looking at the screen.



Decide what


Social occosion


Obtain Ingredients


Progress bar could go here





Jeff Lim

Matt Stempeck

Nikita Bier

Ishaan Chugh

Prabhav Jain

Keshav Dhandhania

Todd Welch




MIT, MIT CSAIL Decentralized Information Group, MIT Civic Media Group







Alec Heifetz, Blake Elias, William Haack

Doug Feigelson

Emad William

Chase Lambert

Ishaan Gulrajani

Michael Plasmeier (Plaz)

Jacob Cole

Alex List

Ethan Sherbondy

Prabhav Jain

Chelsea Voss

Kyle Hannon

Thomas Georgiou

Marco Salazar

Merry Mou


Jin Pan

Kanjun Qiu

Ian Cinnamon

Jacob Hurwitz

Max Kanter

Colin Sidoti



Neal Wu

Andrew Liu

Carl Gao

Daniel Windham

Merrill Lutsky

Erik Schluntz

Neel Patel

Nithin Tumma

James Ruben

UC Berkeley

Achal Dave

Sharad Vikram

Gerald Fong

Siddhartho Bhattacharya

Samvit Ramadurgam

Ritik Malhoratra

Jeremy Blalock

Eric Chen



Rafael Cosman


Omar Rizwan

David Liu

John YS


Victoria Lin

Jeremy Cohen


Jason Adleberg


Erik Hazzard, Ariel, Ian

Lucio's friend


Jimmy Wu, Paul

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MindMap of all Startups/HackathonProjects/Ideas - and more

Nightinggale - Delian

Dilan Patel

Uncle jeff diabetes

General autocomplete for everything/ambient information display

Voice recog amient info display ipad app DougFeig

Flow Cytometry App

Voice Recognition/RSI #abstract

Notetaking Tools




jacob's wordpad thoughtstream


InstaBoxSite: platform to build: generalized, easy to modify "suggestion box" framework anyone can use to quickly build a website off that mold

Flow Me – Tool for making freestyling/rhyme/poetry unfairly easy. Suggests rhymes and alliterations as you type


iPhone gong/om app

iPhone backup singer/instrument app

People Matching

Instaquote, PhotoQuote

FoodMom -- App that tells you what to cook and automatically orders ingredients/who to cook with

Scavenger Recipe App

Emergency Pizza Button app



Who’sAround? -- way to send messages to only to people nearby you without them having to make their location public.

Conductor App/Wii game/rock band extension, "Armchair Conductor" #book

CuriosityThread -- Site that shows the chain of questions/interests a person asked/followed to gain the knowledge/passion they have


Helpmefindmymom/helpmomfindme app

WhereAreYou? app -- one-touch broadcast your current location (gps) to answer text msg, Aaron Iba Space-time

app that uses accelerometer data to detect when you (an old person) have fallen



Fisheye lenses on laptops and iPhone's so that they can see the whole room

Eyetracking heatmap from laptop webcam


Google docs optimized for instant web publishing

Way to track traffic on Google Docs/quick way to assign a google doc to a .tk domain

Mental Health Tools

Domo Alex List,, DeviantArt, Strinkingly, Truonex, Behance,,,, Gloo, #application

MIT Suggestion Box

Princeton Suggestion Box

Princeton Petitions Site



This map, alex schiff fetchnotes, conceptnet - lieberman, cj thoughtstreamer, phil dade idea implementing project, asdf, princeton petitions, Related tools, mindmeister, workflowy, fetchnotes, ideaoverflow,, Eywa from Avatar, CJ's thoughtstream tools: chaosnotes, politicalprogressbar, makes discordant background noise to boost creativity and productivity #done

hasmyideabeendonebefore (not as serious usually)

Workflow sharing


Mosaic ~igul

Bump, Swyp

Etymology Tree/Graph app

Instadefine, Easydefine

etymologial cousins for vocab learning,


cesar hidalgo, immersion


graph of all companies, ankit's SEC stuff, palantir, chase


DOM - turns websites into 3D platformers

Cramberry, service to sell websites

Source code editor for iPad that lets you run your programs in the cloud.


Notable - Take notes collaboratively with complete strangers in the same room as you.

super-fast remote desktop protocol






@las - local content discovery ~

genetic algorithm svm based NASDAQ trader - jeremy sabath

Turftalk - Neel Patel

Evan Morikawa - Proximate


offline server for open courseware





Draft (

Sum of Good

MIT Civic Media project by

Section Swap

Jeff Lim Trading Circles

Thank Cue - "cognitive prosthetic for ABI survivors

Princeton Suggestion Box

Princeton Petitions

Tools to test and/or share code online


Ways of typing on touchscreen


Stanford "braile" touchscreen

flow text

Swipe text


Carrot - Keyword extraction, ConceptNet extract_concepts


Personal Education Trail

Event discovery

Facebook Graph Mining, WolframAlpha (facebook profile)



WiseMapping *has conn

Media Annotation Tools,, TedTalk annotation tool, youtube video coimments

Map Making Techology


Google Maps Engine

Google Maps Engine Lite,,


Political Progress Bar


NLP Auto Summeriaztion, AlchemyAPI, ConceptNet

Quote Sharing

Music Sharing, Matching people

App to recommend a random professor to talk to

Interests/Value based

Pin on a map (like a dart) (ankit) jason adleberg,, ideaoverflow (jcole)

Instant Nightlife

Iain's people/event matching app

Eric smalls Compass, Lifelist ryan gallagher

Nathan Eidelson app that lets you tell friends where you're going to go

Low Hanging Fruit/stuff that could make passive income immediately - ask jcole for detailsor see . I think every single one could be a successful startup/organization and would take minimal work

Emergency Pizza Button

InstaQuote constellation

#categ people matching tools, Academic conversations tool, GChat scraping

#active reading tools


Idea Overflow constellation

#categ thoughtstreaming tools, Finish CJ's thoughtstreamr/ideaoverflow

#categ suggestion box tools, Finish MITSuggestionBox/progressbars, Finish suggestioncloud

furthering AdmitSphere

combine with college counseling

Furthering InstaDefine/easydefine

Photo based



Diabetes app workflow - see dilan patel

"Amazon/Netflix-recommendation for scholarships" Nick Pirollo

GrabLunchWith app

Social ridesharing app

CabShare app, WhenToLeave


Workflow sharing

Tutorial chain better than mine for getting people into web dev

Google docs + dot tk automated workflow, asdfasdf

Pluggable visual interface fro building robocode bots

Explorable graph interface

IOS "PA System"



Kaleidoscope app

Guitar hero typing tutor

T9 Interface for computer typing

iphone as mouse replacement app that you slide phone on desk

Free food/reuse finder: app


Pitch-based scrolling


Release ScreenSquared as app

Helpmefindmymom/helpmomfindme app -- for kids lost in a theme park.

MinimalIst Homepages

Dedicated site for hacksphere - enables everybody to build their own hackspheres

IfIWentTo site


program that synchs different people saying same text/poem/song to each other to create cool layered effect - -- the beginning of an app that suggests what you should do

MITDocs-like tool for all organizations

ThankCue cognitive prosthetic cueing app for ABI survivors

Tai chi app with rami

Thank Cue - "cognitive prosthetic for ABI survivors

Senior map website expanding or



Gestalt Processing Pathways

Health insurance gestalt processing pathway

Human Gestalt Processing Pathway, Feel disquiet, if baby, cry, else name source of disquiet because when you name things you gain power over them, Fear becoming sic/injured and not taken care, Engage with medical insurance system, Attepmt to buy insurance, Can't Too expensive, status quo :(, RomneyCare state block grants support, ObamaCare tax credit...paid for because more participants, Can't Preexisting condition, status quo :(, RomneyCare legal protections, ObamaCare legal protections, Buy Insurance

FoodMom Gestalt Pathway Discussion

Human Gestalt Processing Pathway, Feel disquiet, else name source of disquiet because when you name things you gain power over them, Hunger, - EatFood(), HaveFood(), GetFood(), 1. DecideWhatFood(), From memory, Ask mom, Use App that suggests food like your mom, and possibly better, FoodMom!, App that suggests food like your memory -- helping you keep track of it, 2. ObtainFood(), HaveFood(), Cook Food, 1. ObtainIngred, Go to store, Order manually online, Have app that auto-orders them, Know What to Order, App could suggest food in the first place, FoodMom!, Have personal assistant order, Have app that asks friend to pick up at store, 2. Prep/Cook Ingredients, - Tighten Belt(), - Sleep(), Desire to be with cool people, Spend time with cool people/do things, 1. Become in presence of cool people, HaveCoolPeople, GetCoolPeople, FindCoolPeople, Use app, FoodMom!, PeopleMatching Software, Instaquote, Gmail keyword scraping, MusicMatch, IdeaOverflow corpus, Stereotyping successful friendship patterns paradigm,, Facebook (could),, 2. Do Activities, Work on stuff, Sports, Cook Food, cry

Biology Projects

mapping tgf beta production by activated tumor cells with rnascope #active

using charge to target viruses #active

figuring out how t-cells change when HCV happens so that you can prevent opportunistic infections

does a high fat diet cause mice to get diabetes? YES IT DOES #done

figuring out how TORC-1 effects the differentiation of Th9 cells/ what do Th9 cells do/ transcription factors of Th9


does the order in which you give chemotherapy/radiation to mice with leukemia matter?

TIM-3 is a marker of t-cell proliferation, but does it describe functionality well?

LAG-3 is super important for prostate cancer development, but why?

how can we make more specific mTOR inhibitors?

there are these mice, whose name I can't remember who have all naive t-cell and they're really useful models but hard to work with. making a mouse with undiffentiated t-cells that actually lives #goal