The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. Society was split into two groups

1.1. The Eloi

1.1.1. They were the upper group. They were beautiful but shallow. Machines did their work for them, which caused them to become lazy.

1.1.2. They are scared of the dark

1.2. The Morlocks

1.2.1. They lived underground and were described as discusting.

1.2.2. They are scared of the light and fire The Time Traveler uses this against them, which helps him escape

2. No one believes the Time Traveler that it is possible to Time Travel.

2.1. He brings back flowers that Weena put in his pocket, but that still doesn't convince them.

3. H.G Wells

3.1. He uses satire in his novel, which suggests he has mixed views of his society

4. This is a frame story