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The Power of Social Media Marketing, Networking & Blogging! by Mind Map: The Power of Social Media Marketing,
Networking & Blogging!
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The Power of Social Media Marketing, Networking & Blogging!

Social Media Marketing and Networking From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content. It's a set of technologies, tools and platforms facilitating the discovery, participation and sharing of content. It is transforming monologues (one to many) into dialogues (many to many) and the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers. Social media has become extremely popular because it allows people to connect in the online world to form relationships for personal and business.

Real Estate Social Network


Business Social Network



Consumer Social Network


Video Social Network


Photo Social Network



Global Micro Network


You and Your Business

Consumers Needing You, Your Services, and Your Information


A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually either digital audio or video, that is made available for download via web syndication. The syndication aspect of the delivery is what...