The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. Present

1.1. upper class

1.2. lower class

2. future, yr 802701

2.1. Eloi

2.1.1. reminds Traveler as victims of tuberculosis

2.1.2. lang w/ few abstract terms

2.1.3. Weena (seems to love Traveler by being saved from him from drowning)

2.2. Morlocks

2.2.1. afraid of light (sun & fire)

2.3. setting

2.3.1. Palace of Green Porcelain museum "wilderness of rotting paper" Traveler retrieves 1. Camphor 2. Lever 3. Matches

2.3.2. forest Traveler causes forest fire by his 1st fire, Morlocks flee Missing Weena=concluded dead

3. time

3.1. 4th dimension

3.2. Time Traveler afraid to stop machine once in use b/c may collide w/ another mass

3.3. as time passes, sun grows dimmer, loses energy & die