Research Process

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Research Process by Mind Map: Research Process

1. Research (Phase 2)

1.1. 2.1 Start your public records research


1.1.2. Intelius

1.1.3. Microbilt


1.1.5. Google

1.1.6. Facebook

1.1.7. TLO

1.2. 2.2 Conduct an address OR ownner search based on the subject property/current owner

1.2.1. Address Search will give historical data based on the address

1.2.2. Name search will yield data on the actual owner

1.2.3. Analyze Available Data

1.3. 2.3 Asses this data and begin workflow

1.4. 2.4 Identify Pertinent info about the actual owner

1.4.1. Is owner alive?

1.4.2. Is there a valid phone number listed

1.4.3. Owner's Last know Address

1.5. 2.5 Action Steps

1.5.1. Begin Calling Potential Owner Phone Numbers

1.5.2. Identify/Document Current and Past Addresses

1.5.3. Send direct mail to current/historical Addresses IF no contact can be made via phone

1.6. Escalation

1.6.1. Identify Relatives/Associates Attempt to make contact via phone using Relative script Gather Current Address data for Relatives/Associates If no contact can be made sent Relative Letters to ALL relatives/associates. ^^ Thats in addition to the direct mail being sent to actual owner

1.6.2. Neighbors Go back to subject property AND doorknock neighbors to see if anyone has info Send neighbor postcard to the whole block

1.6.3. Field Work For leads that you have not been able to make contact with Hit the streets and go door knock potential owner addresses

1.6.4. Owner Deceased? Check city Probate records to see if there is an Estate Opended If so order the file and see who is in charge of the estate

2. Located

2.1. Owner Located

2.1.1. Establish interest to purchase via Vacant owner script

2.1.2. If interested proceed to normal lead intake

2.1.3. if Not, place inside a follow up funnel

3. List Building(Phase 1)

3.1. Pick Target Area Based on Pre-Find

3.1.1. Create Target Map

3.1.2. Set Scheduled Time to Drive 4 $

3.1.3. Begin Driving Target areas

3.1.4. While Driving also "get a feel for the marketplace"

3.1.5. Objective: Compile as many properties to the database as possible. It's all numbers!

3.2. Qualify Your Leads

3.2.1. Find out who owner info via Tax Assessors Website

3.2.2. Decide if the property qualifies based on owner/sales data

3.2.3. If its a qualified lead then proceed to research mode

3.2.4. If not then toss that lead.

3.3. Continuously add to the list

4. Multiple Niches

4.1. Probate

4.2. Return Mail