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feelings by Mind Map: feelings

1. Desire

1.1. Ada

1.1.1. pro She is available and ready upheld she is beautiful self evident - upheld She is charming self evident -upheld I would be wanted rather than needed would prevent all the usual feminine sacrifice - upheld She is fun elf evident -upheld

1.1.2. con she lives on the grid, I live here (minor) travel to the grid is easy - debunked she's a very busy lady She would not be pursuing anything she didn't have time for -debunked If I choose her, then Nick may be more likely to seriously pursue Johnny, but Johnny is with Ches, so that would end badly. Is this really my responsibility? They are all adults. This is their business, no matter how much I care about Nick and Johnny. - dubunked Unconventional girl/girl romance It is unconventional and would require adjustment. - Upheld She seems pretty ok by herself, I would not be needed, per se Not necessarily a bad thing - debunked

1.2. Nick

1.2.1. Pro Conventional type of boy/girl romance comfortable and I know what to do... mostly -uphheld He is very sweet self evident - upheld I feel like he needs someone - i could be wrong I do not know this for sure. -debunked I feel a sense of duty to fix what the other Alice did confusion of responsibilities - debunked he is really handsome self evident - upheld

1.2.2. Con could be completely due to a sense of duty bad idea for a relationship... upheld He is not ready he has said so -upheld He has serious issues upheld he is in love with Johnny as well upheld Johnny (my best freind) loves him bad idea to go after a man your best friend fancies -upheld

2. fear

2.1. Loss of friendship should things go badly

2.1.1. Being aboveboard in all dealings should help with this

2.2. Making the wrong choice

2.2.1. to err is human. It is sufficient to examine the issue and chose as best I can. I can never guarantee a perfect outcome.

2.3. the whole Johnny/Nick/Cheshire thing...

2.3.1. Is not my responsibility.