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mobile app by Mind Map: mobile app

1. online features

1.1. see on google map / osm

1.2. download/see agfirst pdf map

2. offline features

2.1. integrate with a GPS navigation

2.2. build set of data (eg. blocks, orchards)

2.3. download agfirst map of the day

3. data capture

3.1. bluetooth device

3.2. CRUD

3.3. capture the GPS position at the same time

4. send/receive sms from portal

5. MDM

5.1. take control of phone

5.2. move agfirst mdm to generic

5.2.1. add features

6. GPS

6.1. server returns information from current position

6.1.1. current orchard

6.1.2. time/distance other user(s)

6.1.3. surrounding orchards

7. share list of users

8. list of jobs

9. specific android

9.1. widget

10. daily message