Goldstein's Chapters 6&7

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Goldstein's Chapters 6&7 by Mind Map: Goldstein's Chapters 6&7

1. Chapter 7

1.1. Intro

1.1.1. Marilia attempted to kill Celso

1.1.2. recorded Marilias life story

1.1.3. Celso, like many problems in her lif proved difficult to kill

1.2. An evening of terror in Dudue De Caxias

1.2.1. Laughter truley "out of place" here

1.2.2. Ignacio and ceasar

1.2.3. story why she and her family abandon home

1.2.4. humorous stories with twists and turns reveal great suffering

1.3. Soneca's Version of the story

1.3.1. Soneca began with punchline

1.3.2. downplaying Anita's truama

1.3.3. extended her critique to Ignacio

1.3.4. they could never forget the faces

1.4. Battling Mothers and Daughters

1.4.1. night of terror vehicle for comentary on Anita's coming oof age on Gloria's harsh diciplinary regime

1.4.2. Anita discovered she was pregnant shortly after rape

1.4.3. her mothers talking too much

1.4.4. all the women talented storie tellers

1.5. A note on the legal universe and rape

1.5.1. hidious crimes like rape expressed through humor

1.5.2. legal sysytem regarding class, gender, and sexuality

1.6. black humor as the only response

1.6.1. "Bad taste"

1.6.2. a response to a moral/legal system that is currently incapable of addressong the grievances of women

1.6.3. Resolve Issue

1.7. Conclusion

1.7.1. stories only "funny" when full context of the story described

1.7.2. these women not merely passive

1.7.3. what is to be done?

2. Chapter 6

2.1. Sexuality in the context of local culture

2.1.1. information in this chapter is easily distored therefore she writes it hesitent and tentative fashion

2.1.2. reader must avoid ethnocentrism

2.1.3. machismo in Felicidade Eterna

2.1.4. a number of disterubing elements that structure sexuality

2.1.5. many discourses to inorder to solve problems

2.2. Discourses of sex-positives

2.2.1. documentary film O Amor Natural by Heddy Honigmann

2.2.2. sexual joking teasing in Felicidade

2.2.3. One of Gloria's favorite stories

2.2.4. Nelsinho adopted son of Elis

2.3. The Carnivalization of desire

2.3.1. deman partial truths and critical reflection

2.3.2. Public flirtation

2.3.3. male homoeroticism

2.3.4. Peter Fray, Richard Parker, and James Green, Feminists are all examples of people who produced significant work in this feild

2.3.5. she suggests that there is a neglected aspect to overly sex-positive and focus on transgression

2.4. Ethnography: Local Sexual Culture In Felicidade

2.4.1. infidelitiy

2.4.2. "eating" metaphors turned upside down through humor

2.4.3. Glorias two comlaints about men: 1 economic providers 2 infidelity

2.4.4. Darlene Glorias friend a sex worker

2.4.5. "who is eating whom"

2.5. From boys to men

2.5.1. Normative Masculinization and Heterosexuality

2.5.2. class specified regimes of sexuality

2.5.3. working class Cariocas consider unhealthy for men to go without sex

2.5.4. Glorias double standard

2.6. Sacanagem, Transgression, and female boundardy-setting

2.6.1. Sacanagem important organization concept

2.6.2. can be good or bad

2.6.3. can be described as an act that gives pleasure or one that hurts or humiliates another

2.6.4. age of concent 14 in Brazil

2.7. A joke that even Gloria Did not find funny

2.7.1. Gloria gets back with Mauro

2.7.2. Mauros sexual remarks about glorias daughter angered her

2.7.3. Padastros

2.7.4. Marilia Glorias neighbor