A Q of communication (TB case)

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A Q of communication (TB case) by Mind Map: A Q of communication (TB case)

1. session 1

1.1. Step 1

1.1.1. Identify terms and cues

1.1.2. New terms jenitor phlegm

1.1.3. cues male mid-30 coughing phlegm and blood associated course of antibiotics sweat at night came from indonesia seven years ago janitor in a hospital for the last two years two months and half without treatment living with family wight loss 5KG absent from work lives in mecca

1.1.4. 10 minutes

1.2. Step 2

1.2.1. Problem formulation (put it in a sentence) a male in his mid-30s started coughing phlegm and couple of time with blood, night sweat and 5Kg wight loss three months ago. He was treated with amoxicillin two weeks ago with no improvement

1.2.2. 10 minutes

1.3. Step 3

1.3.1. Hypothesis generation (brainstorming) lung cancer epiglotts infection TB hospital acquired country of origin pnuemonia pulmonary infection hospital acquired infection viral infection STD oral cancer pulmonary fibrosis cystic fibrosis hepatitis pericarditis GIT infection gastric cancer hyperthyroidism bronchitis upper respiratory track infection autoimmune disease pluritis allergies immune compromised poisoning flu esophageal hernia tonsillitis drug abuse drug complications

1.3.2. 40 minutes

1.4. Step 4

1.4.1. Hypothesis organization (tentative solution) infection upper respiratory track infection TB bronchitis pnuemonia epiglotts infection malignancies lung cancer

1.4.2. 20 minutes

2. session 3

2.1. Step 9

2.1.1. Review session 3

2.1.2. visualize the data and theory mycobacterial TB sensitive to rifampicine , isoneside, ethanbutol

2.1.3. 20 minutes

2.2. Step 10

2.2.1. Management (for the individual)

2.2.2. based on: patient's problem list treatment initial treatment continuation phase should in combination DOTS for at least two months combination of drugs to avoid resistance if the result after two months positive and the initial x-ray has cavities it extends the continuation phase for nine months three drugs should be resistance to call it resistance with second line treatment : the cost is high streptomycine for old people surgical is needed if there is multidrug resistance, but not preferable regular chick urine to make sure that he is taking his drug options first line regime once daily or twice a week if its fully sensative no need to ethabutol in extra pulmonary more time is needed multidrug resistance for at least 18 months if it is not effective either elongate or restart qualifying factors evidence

2.2.3. Prevention (for the population) isolation BCG vaccination recommended for children most neonatal take it recommended in areas that have high TB incidence opens windows protective measures for people close to TB patient finishing the entire medication course high risk for children under thae age of 4 years hospital policy check co-workers and close contact educate the patient about his disease capabilities

2.2.4. 60 minutes

2.3. step 11

2.3.1. Review and evaluate

2.3.2. Chairman

2.3.3. Scribe

2.3.4. Tutor

2.3.5. members

2.3.6. Material

2.3.7. 10 minutes

3. session 2

3.1. Step 6

3.1.1. Review session 1 Summary of step 5 Step 5

3.1.2. Report new knowledge Anatomy genral lung Pathophysiology cough reflex night sweat phlegm weight loss bloody phlegm what is the difference between cystic fibrosis and pulmonary fibrosis? Patholog TB pnuemonia lung cancer

3.1.3. 30 minutes

3.2. Step 7

3.2.1. Inquiry plan and info gathering history risk factors? history of present illness past history family history social examination hand no lymph node evlargment no liver or spleen enlargement plural expansion normal percussion : reasoning tests results X-ray sputum CBC sensitivity : mycobacterial TB sensitive to: INH, rifampin, and ethambutol PPD

3.2.2. 40 minutes

3.3. Step 8

3.3.1. Diagnostic decision mycobacterum tuberculosis infection

3.3.2. Mechanism the bacteria enters the body activate the macrophage then activated the T cell helper 1 which eventually cause caseous necrosis

3.3.3. Presentation cough with phlegm and blood night sweat weight loss fatique

3.3.4. Supporting data X-ray marked plural thickening in right upper lobe (consolidation) sputum acid fast bacilli positive three times mycobacteria identify PPD 16 high

3.3.5. 10 minutes

3.3.6. PICO in middle age TB patient is methacilin better for the treatment of Tb rather than rifampicine? in middle age TB pateint does amoxiciline help in decrease the mycobacteria in comparision to no treatment