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CCS by Mind Map: CCS

1. google site

2. members

2.1. Oliver De Weck

2.2. Abel Sanchez

2.2.1. Cyber Security Attacks Price List really cheap!

2.2.2. Negative Authentication create a space of antipasswords computational challenges to make it real time quesitons couldn't this potentially make brute force attacks really successful?

2.2.3. MIT smart grid

2.2.4. 3 billion browsers

2.2.5. large scale simulation on holonic agent systems

2.3. Paul Grogan + Zeid Alghareeb*speaker

2.3.1. Security Issues in SCADA Network Used in Petroleum Critical Infrastructures What are SCADA Systems? control and data acquisition? Petroleum infrastructure How are SCADA used water petro power Architecture sparse but extensive connected through internet slow, but focus on real time originally security was not a concern challenges improve access control improve security within the netowork

2.4. Sandy

2.4.1. Behavioral Demographics who will by what? what sofware will they install? what diseases affect a community?

2.4.2. app installation prediction

2.4.3. Designing Smart Cities

2.4.4. Influencing Behavior tragedy of the commons mathematical framework for social fabric

2.4.5. Who can we trust with this data?

2.4.6. trust network SWIFT inter-bank network

2.5. John Clippinger

2.5.1. OpenID Connect

2.5.2. intersection of law, technology, and policy

3. Emails

4. technologies

4.1. DCOM

4.2. SCADA

4.3. swift inter-bank network

5. action items

5.1. key players

5.2. infrastructure interdependencies

5.3. software work

5.3.1. communication analysis

5.3.2. visualization

5.4. invenstment and planning

5.5. multi-agent simulation from cces

5.5.1. energy

5.5.2. water

5.5.3. transportation

5.5.4. add information?? from trust framework/funf use IAP hackathon to develop and app for water conservation and use Saudi Arabia test bed

6. Saudi Arabia Year

6.1. 3 projects/workshops

6.1.1. 2 years each

6.1.2. what can we do in 2 years?

7. ideas for apps

7.1. replace surveys with apps for water

8. what are deliverables

8.1. stc economic health

8.2. elm information security

8.3. bi-weekly webEX

8.3.1. set up a doodle

8.3.2. The 26th 2 weeks from now 8:00-9:30

8.4. march workshop

8.5. send out IAP hackathon

8.6. send out information on google repo

8.7. 1 page summary of a proposal KACST

8.7.1. steakholders

8.7.2. deliverables

8.7.3. projects

8.8. 2 paths

8.8.1. cyber modeling

8.8.2. ??