Is Up realistic, analyzing Up with applied physics

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Is Up realistic, analyzing Up with applied physics by Mind Map: Is Up realistic, analyzing Up with applied physics

1. How many balloons would it take for a house to go up?

1.1. You need to figure out:

1.1.1. The size of the house. The mass of the house he volume of the air displaced

2. When the boy throws the GPS out the window, is it modeled correctly?

2.1. Video analysis

2.1.1. Tracker Video Scale doesnt matter Why is that? Not necessary to get the vertical acceleration

3. Conclusion

3.1. Not realstic

3.1.1. if they make nose hairs couldnt they use correct physics

3.1.2. Yes but this is a fiction that suspends reality Having to use correct physics would limit Pixars stories.

4. Is a ballon being pulled up by balloons possible?

4.1. First observation

4.1.1. The baloon are stored in the house Wrong! After more observation it can been seen that the balloons were maybe in the back yard held down by some large tarps. If this was so buoyancy force when objects displace air

5. Why doesn’t the balloon house keep rising?

5.1. It does doesnt it?

5.1.1. I thought it did just at a slower rate

5.2. buoyant force is not constant with altitude.

5.2.1. As the balloon rises, the density of the air decreases. At some point, the buoyant force and the weight are equal and the balloon This is when it stops rising.