Prior Knowledge as a Foundation

Jenna K
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Prior Knowledge as a Foundation by Mind Map: Prior Knowledge as a Foundation

1. Welcome First Languages in the Classroom

1.1. Encourage students to use their first language in class and on assignments.

1.2. Dual language assignments. Eg. Bilingual sign to welcome people to your city.

1.3. Partner work with someone who shares the same first language. This can be used to discuss and clarify information.

1.4. Co creating multilingual signs and displays.

1.5. Provide bilingual support. Eg. cross grade tutors or classroom partners.

2. Use a Dual Language Approach

2.1. Activities and assignments can be adapted.

2.2. By completing work in student's first language, you can draw on their strengths.

2.3. Exposes other students to a new language and promotes cultural diversity.

2.4. Parents can become more involved in their child's learning.

2.5. Make a students created, dual language book.

2.6. Give opportunities for students to work with same language partners.

3. Build on Prior Knowledge

3.1. Children have the skills and knowledge to complete work and engage in their own language.

3.2. Teachers should learn about student's: skills, interests and existing knowledge, to teach English in all subjects.

3.3. Eg. Present topics connected to their specific culture, language and country of origin.

3.4. Get students to work together (English speaking and ELL), to create dual language posters or information sheets.

4. Celebrate Diversity

4.1. All students can share information about: their language, experiences and cultures.

4.2. They can discuss the similarities and differences between places.

4.3. Promotes a sense of belonging.

4.4. Create experiences where ELLs can: talk, read, write and role play about topics that interest them.

4.5. Enable students to draw on their own experiences.