"My name is Maria Isabel" By: Alma Flor Ada

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"My name is Maria Isabel" By: Alma Flor Ada by Mind Map: "My name is Maria Isabel"  By: Alma Flor Ada

1. Writing Activity: Students will create a holliday cookbook using the internet to search for different recipies from arounfd the world. They will then glue their recipies onto construction paper and I will combine all of the recipies into a class cookbook for our library.

2. During Reading Activity: In their journals students will ask questions and make predictions regauring the book.

3. Math: Measurements: Students will demonstrate application of capacity by using a punch recipe to convert all measurements to cups. Temperatures: The students will use a globe or an atlas to find the names of five countries in the southern hemisphere. They will then use a world almanac to find the high temperatures for January. They will show their findings o a graph.

4. Science: Students will documant the temperature and weather from countries around the world. They will compare and contrast the weather differences between the north and south hemispheres.

5. Social Studies: students will interview a family member or friend about their culture, and their background.

6. Art: Students will draw a self portrait. The portrait will be hung on the wall.

7. Before Reading Activity : Students will have their families help them make a family tree. The students will write a story about their family. This will give the students a purpose for reading the story.

8. During Activitiy Vocabulary: Students will look up vocabulary words in the dictionary. They will then write the words in sentences to show that they know what they mean and how to use them. Each vocabulary word will go into their personal word bank.

9. P.E: Students will participate in winter olympic games

10. Music: Students will find anthems from around the world.