To kill a mockingbird

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To kill a mockingbird by Mind Map: To  kill a mockingbird

1. Jem

1.1. Very curious

1.1.1. Curious about racism and boo

2. Scout

2.1. Sees narrow minded at first

2.1.1. Htes the fact abut rasism and bad people like ewell

3. Atticus

3.1. Trying to be a good mom and dad

3.1.1. Good example Angel vs comunity hates bad people puruely good'

4. Boo

4.1. like a micking bird

4.1.1. exculded from comunity nice scared

5. Tom

5.1. Innsosent nigrro

5.1.1. Loves his fammily acuused ruun away shot

6. Bob

6.1. Very mean persone

6.1.1. Racist and abuses his daughter Drunk always