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Father's Day by Mind Map: Father
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Father's Day

Social Studies

What Does Your Daddy Do? - S5.C1.b

Responsibility: Becoming a good worker - S3.C3.a&b

Responsibility: Good and Bad Choices - S3.C3.a

Members of a Family - S4.C2.a,b,c,d&e


Father's Day sugar cookies

Students will mix food coloring to make different colors of frosting. S1.C2.b&c

Students will review the senses by describing how the dough feels, tastes, smells, and looks. S1.C1.b


Books- Pre-Reading Process S2.C1,2,4,6

You're All My Favorites

What Daddy's Do Best

The Very Best Daddy of All

Clifford's Day With Dad

Life With Papa

Activities- Pre-Writing Process

Circle Map: Dad - S3.C1.a,c,d,e

Father's Day Poem - S2.C3.a,b,c,&d

Brain Buster: Father's Day Story - S3.C1.a&b

Shaving Cream: Phonics - S2.C4.d&e

Going on a Bear Hunt S2.C6.a&f


Golf Ball Guessing Jar

Graph: Sons/Daughters - S2.C1.a&b

Unifx Cubes: building/counting - S1.C1.b,c,d,e&g

Count Objects/movements to 20 - S1.C1.a&c

Movement/Physical Education

Song: When I Grow Up - S1.C2.a

Father May I? - S1.C1.a&b

Fine Motor: Nuts and Bolts - S1.C3.a,b,&c

Creative Arts

Helping Hands

Students will decorate grill mitts with hand prints and paint for Father's Day.


Students will decorate a tie cut-out by pinching tissue paper (fine motor) and pasting it on the paper.

Daddy's Tools

Father's Day Card