Laughter Out of Place - #6

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Laughter Out of Place - #6 by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place - #6

1. Sexualization of Brazilian Cultural Identity

1.1. Sex is something to be spoke lightly of, and even humorous in everyday conversation

1.2. Humor is how lower-class women provide what little criticism they can of sexual attitudes

1.3. Brazil's cultural identity has gravitated towards sexualization of it's citizens

1.3.1. Brazil is considered to be "sex positive" in theory

2. Socio-sexual behavior

2.1. The author speaks to Brazilian women who say they enjoy and crave the flirtatious attention they receive

2.2. The author speaks to Brazilian ex-pats who miss visiting Brazil as they feel ignored by other culture's men

2.2.1. Typically, the Western idea of feminism is not met with positivity

2.2.2. Feminism is "sex negative"

3. Gender/Sexual Dominance

3.1. Men are said colloquially to "eat" women, they are the aggressors in sexual relationships

3.2. Women are said colloquially to "give" or "be eaten" as they are theoretically sexually passive

3.2.1. Young women are encouraged to stay virgins to prevent unwanted pregnancy

3.3. Women who "eat" (seek out boyfriends or go through extramarital affairs) are thought of as whores and degenerates

3.3.1. The author talks to several women who use sexuality to their advantage to gain money or goods. and turn the concept of "who is eating whom" on it's head

3.4. Men can become feminized through their wife having an affair on them, or by the being the passive member of a homosexual relationship

3.4.1. Homosexual men who are the dominant party do not lose social status as much as men who are the passive party and are thereby feminized.

3.4.2. Men are given a free pass on extramarital affairs that they commit although women are expected to remain loyal

3.4.3. Men are thought to "need" sex as part of being healthy and young men are encouraged to go out and experience it Step fathers will try to abuse their step daughters sexually and daughters are often warned to protect themselves against these advances.