Laughter Out of Place Chapter 6&7

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Laughter Out of Place Chapter 6&7 by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place Chapter 6&7

1. Chapter 7: What's so Funny About Rape?

1.1. Laughter through tears because they have no choice

1.2. Faulty legal system

1.3. Women do not report rapes

1.4. Impoverished women suffer

1.5. Lower-class women making accusations of rape must withhold information regarding their sexual endeavors so that they are viewed as “honest” women.

1.6. Women forced to hide values and beliefs from those who wouldn’t approve of their attitude or behavior.

1.6.1. Lower-class women put less emphasis on virtue

1.6.2. Elite culture places more importance on virginity

1.7. Criminal act of rape difficult to prove in court

1.7.1. Stereotyped gender views regarding rape

1.7.2. Non-virgins and women with multiple partnerships had difficulty winning rape cases

1.8. Anachronistic definitions regarding female honor within the legal system

1.9. Courts are hesitant to prosecute men who attack their wives

1.10. Law provides little protection for women

1.11. Women must seek out protections from men or protect themselves

1.12. Financial support by men main issue for relationship

1.13. Consequences of pregnancy

1.14. Abortion

1.15. Abusive partners

2. Chapter 6: Partial Truths, or the Carnivalization of Desire

2.1. Poverty and sexuality

2.2. Sexual teasing and banter common

2.3. Young and old partake in sexual humor

2.4. Sexual joking

2.5. Sexual permissiveness

2.6. Sex-positiveness

2.7. Bodily liberation

2.8. Dance, flirtation, body language

2.9. Clothes that accentuate the body, especially the buttocks

2.10. Public flirtation

2.11. Women’s bodies are considered to be appreciated objectified rather than objectified

2.12. Enjoy the attention

2.13. Women enjoy being complimented and sexual desired

2.14. Being ignored is considered a punishment

2.15. Masculine prostitution

2.16. Homosexual identity

2.17. Brazilian feminists avoid North American feminism

2.18. Sexual joking and teasing

2.19. O Amor Natural by Heddy Honigmann

2.20. Depicts the celebratory sexuality of Rio

2.21. Expressions of sexuality across class, color, age and genders

2.22. Brazilian views toward eroticism and their own bodies

2.23. More concerned with buttocks than breast

2.24. Comfortable and open talking about sex

2.25. There is no embarrassment associated with the topic