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TKAM by Mind Map: TKAM

1. Boo Radley stays in his house

1.1. puts the stuff in the tree hole

2. Bob Ewell tries to kill Scout and Jem

2.1. Boo saves them

2.1.1. Boo kills Bob

3. Bob Ewell beats up his daughter

3.1. makes her lie

3.1.1. Mayella is stuck in a terrible position

4. Scout and Dill are "engaged"

5. Atticus takes on Tom Robinson's trial

5.1. has to face rascist people

5.2. Atticus has hope in Tom winning

6. mayella tries to kiss Tom

6.1. dad sees

6.2. she breaks the "code"

7. the Maycomb society is very judgmental

7.1. they judge Atticus' descisions

7.1.1. he chose the trial for a reason

8. Mrs Dubose

8.1. Jem destroys her flowers

8.1.1. has to fix her flowers

8.1.2. read to her every day efter school

8.2. she dies

8.3. calls Atticus rude names that trigger Jem's anger

8.4. she was very corageous though

8.4.1. was a morphine addict

9. Boo Radley

9.1. real name is Arthur

10. Aunt Alexandra

10.1. judges the way Atticus is raising Scout

10.1.1. thinks she is not feminine enough scout wears overalls