The Kokoda Trail

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The Kokoda Trail by Mind Map: The Kokoda Trail

1. Japanese Troops

1.1. Japan invaded the North Coast of New Guinea in July 1942

1.2. The Japanese planned to move south along a track that passed through the village of Kokoda

1.3. They then wanted to move through to Port Morseby which was less than 500km from the north of Australia

1.4. In August, Japanese troops captured Kokoda

1.5. They continued down south and they were only 48km from Port Moresby

2. Australian Troops

2.1. It was highly important to have Kokoda, as there was a vital air station in the region

2.2. Troops came back from the middle- east and were re- trained

2.3. Therefore the job was left to the ‘militia’

2.4. Militia are the army made up from civilians who were mostly conscripted

2.5. The militia were often criticised by the AIF for not volunteering

2.6. They were nicknamed ‘chocos’

2.7. The Japanese were stopped by an Australian force, and slowly pushed back to Kokoda

2.8. Once in Kokoda the fighting conditions were unlike any they’d been through

2.9. The ‘jungle’ conditions were tough on both sides

2.10. It was always hot and raining

2.11. Soldiers carried all of their own supplies through some very tough conditions

2.12. The ‘golden staircase’ were 2000 steps in which soldiers had to carry all of their supplies up

2.13. Supplies were running out for both sides

3. Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

3.1. Natives who helped Australian soldiers

3.2. It was in November when the Australians captured Kokoda and killed around 600 Japanese in battle

3.3. After this the battle became slightly easier

3.4. The Japanese were pushed back to the North Coast, and the Australians got the airfield working again

3.5. There were 11 000 Japanese soldiers waiting on the north coast for the Aussie troops, however because the airfield was now working, the airforce aided in attacking the Japanese

3.6. Australia was reinforced with Americans, and by December 1942 the campaign for the Kokoda track was won.

3.7. Australia had lost almost 6000 men, while the Japanese lost 13 000

3.8. Not only had Japan lost many soldiers, but it was now proven that Japan could be beaten