K Butsko COM 602 Final Project - "The Pet Project"

COM 602 Final Project

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K Butsko COM 602 Final Project - "The Pet Project" by Mind Map: K Butsko COM 602 Final Project - "The Pet Project"

1. Free Membership

1.1. Post your favorite photos of your pet...alone, or interacting with you & your family.

1.2. Tell your pet stories...the ones that make you smile...even the ones that make you a little sad.

1.3. Pet Memorials page...honor your pet's memory.

1.4. Read Kathy's daily blog about Casey & Charley...her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

1.5. Print a different free online coupon each month for your favorite pet products.

2. Pay Annual Online Membership

2.1. "Ask the vet" for advice on taking care of your pet in our monthly online live chat.

2.1.1. Chat archives available to paying members.

2.2. Blog about your pet...interact with other "Pet Project" members!

2.3. Set up real play dates with members in your geographical area.

2.4. Create your own pet avatar and play online...dress up your virtual pet, care for it, and play with it.

2.4.1. Virtual play dates - Play with other pet avatars!

2.5. Print online coupons for your favorite pet products!

2.6. Participate in an online chat room with other pet lovers.

2.6.1. Dog Lovers

2.6.2. Cat Lovers

2.6.3. Reptiles & Fish

2.6.4. Small Pets (Gerbils, Hamsters, etc.)

2.6.5. Birds

2.7. Connect with veterinarians, pet sitters, dog walkers, and groomers in your geographical area.

2.8. New node

3. The "Pet Project" is a pet lovers community where people can share their pets and honor them with other pet lovers.