Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci by Mind Map: Leonardo da Vinci

1. family backgrounds

1.1. parents

1.1.1. father: Ser Piero a wealthy notary living in Vinci Leonardo da Vinci=Leonardo of Vinci

1.1.2. mother: Caterina one of Piero's servants

1.2. living with parents

1.2.1. first five years with his mother then with his father because his mother married someone else

1.3. his father had books

1.3.1. made by hand; copied on sheep skin

1.3.2. never had a proper education

2. six factors of being a genius

2.1. a need to belong

2.1.1. try to understand why he had been abandoned

2.2. observing creative people

2.2.1. watching local artists painting

2.3. being fascinated with nature

2.3.1. a bird waking him in his bed

2.3.2. taking an interest in everything

2.4. being apprenticed to a famous artist

2.4.1. during renaissance Science and art flourished.

2.5. writing and drawing what he learned

2.5.1. With slight strokes, take a note in a little book which you should always carry with you.

3. developing skills for recording his world

3.1. asked to draw a decoration on a battle shield

3.1.1. painting a Medusa head collecting various insects concentrating on his painting