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The Three Branches of Government by Mind Map: The Three Branches of Government
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The Three Branches of Government

The Executive Branch *(The White House)

The President is the head of this branch.

Purpose: To implement and enforce the laws.

The Vice President assumes leadership is need the situation arises.

The Cabinet, appointed by the president, is responsible for the day to day enforcement of the laws.

The Legislative Branch (The U.S. Capitol Building)


To pass legislation and send it to the President for signature, Both House and Senate must pass the bill. If he vetoes, they can override with a 2/3 vote.

The Judicial Branch (Supreme Court Building)

Members are appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate.

Article III of the Constitution established this branch powered by Congress.

Established the number of Justices that serve - currently 9, with 1 Chief and 8 Associates.

Judges have no fixed term - death / retire / conviction by the Senate. House may impeach.

Only Try actual cases and controversies.

Purpose is to intrepret the law, determine constitutionality of the law and apply it to cases.