Title Screen

Chart mapping progress of students through library research tutorial

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Title Screen by Mind Map: Title Screen

1. Mission Screen

1.1. In group or alone?

1.1.1. FBI Research Guide Question Research Guide Solution

1.1.2. U.S. Marshals Use catalog to locate book Book Solution

1.1.3. CSI Farmville Academic Search Complete Academic Search Complete Solution

1.1.4. Men in Black Popular vs. Scholarly & Solution Interlibrary Loan

1.1.5. Justice League of America Interlibrary Loan ILL Solution

1.1.6. Neighborhood Watch E-reserves E-reserves Solution

1.1.7. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Plagiarism Plagiarism Solution

1.1.8. Lone Vigilante Research Guide Question Research Guide Solution

1.2. Audio Message

1.3. Text Message